Reception for Jiři Menzel and Czech Ambassador

Rijeka, 15th April 2009
A reception was held in the City of Rijeka for the famous Czech film and theatre director, screenwriter and actor Jiří Menzel and the ambassador of the Czech Republic Karel Kühnl.  The Czech guests attended the gala showing of Menzel’s film Closely Watched Trains at the Croatia Art-Cinema, thus opening the Czech and Czechoslovakian Oscar Winning Film Festival.

Jiři Menzel, Karel Kühnl and Vojko Obersnel Jiři Menzel and Karel Kühnl were received by Rijeka mayor Vojko Obersnel, president of the City Council Dorotea Pešić Bukovac, head of the City Department for Culture Ivanka Persić and the associate for publishing and film at the City Department for Culture Slobodanka Bundalo-Mišković.

Mayor Obersnel expressed his delight with the visit of the Closely Watched Trains masterpiece director to Rijeka, at the same time thanking the Ambassador for his help in the organisation of the Czech and Czechoslovakian Oscar Winning Film Festival at the Croatia Art-Cinema. The City of Rijeka opened the Art-Cinema towards the end of the last year, with the intention of creating a continuous offer of high quality films, a choice based on films from film archives, contemporary art and documentary films, as well as experimental and animated films.
The Czech guests visited the Czech Cultural Centre, which was built with the help of the City of Rijeka, its resources intended for the activities of the Czech national minority, not numerous in Rijeka but very active. The eminent director and the Czech Ambassador pointed out that a significant support of the City of Rijeka for the culture and activities of national minorities can be seen when judging by the two non profitable facilities, namely, the Art-Cinema and the Czech Cultural centre. 
A reception was held in the City of RijekaAmbassador Kühnl said that it is very important for the Czech Republic to be able to present its culture, as the exchange of cultural programmes is a significant factor in connecting people within the European Union. He expressed his wish for the cooperation between Rijeka and the Czech Republic to continue in the future
Menzel, who said he feels as if at home when in Croatia and Rijeka, will be staying in Croatia throughout the summer, as upon the initiative of the Croatian Radio and Television House he is preparing a documentary on the beginnings of Czech tourism in Croatia. 
Within the Czech and Czechoslovakian Oscar Winning Film Festival, besides the Closely Watched Trains, seven more Czech and Czechoslovakian films made in the period from 1960 until nowadays will be shown, thus offering a comprehensive insight into what is most interesting in this film industry. The programme can be seen at the web site of the Croatia Art-Cinema (Art-kino Croatia).

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