Croatian Open Competition

Rijeka, 8th – 11th July 2004
Croatian Open Competition for seniors and juniors, being also an international meeting, opens at the Kantrida swimming pool on Thursday 8th of July. This event is organised by the Swimming Club “Primorje-Erste Bank”.

The greatest stars of the event are the Ukraine’s Jana Kločkova, double Olympic medallist, world and European champion and recorder in 400 and 200m medley, Polish Otilija Jedrejczak, world recorder in 200m butterfly, Milorad Čavić from Serbia, European recorder and champion in 100m butterfly, Denis Pimankov and Igor Marčenko from Russia, Bartosz Kizierowski from Poland, and the complete Slovenian national team. Among the competitors there are also members of the Croatian national team, such as Duje Draganja, Gordan Kožulj, Aleksej Puninski, Krešimir Čač, Ivan Mladina, Vanja Rogulj, Ante Mašković, Sanja Jovanović, Smiljana Marinović and others.

The competition will also be of a festive and somewhat sad character as on Saturday 10th July, Miloš Milošević, one of the best Croatian swimmers ever, is saying goodbye to his active swimming career as a national team member. He was born in Split in 1972, while he came to “Primorje” in 1993, when he had won the gold medal at the World Championship in small pools in 100m butterfly. He scored the best result at the European Championship (small pools) in Sheffield in 1998, winning the gold medal with the world record (23,30) in 50-meter butterfly. The farewell ceremony of the “Costabella Dolphin” begins at 18:50 hours with the commentary by Josip Krmpotić, and finishes at 19:30 hours.


The opening ceremony of the competition is planned for Thursday 8th of July with the beginning at 18:50 hours, and after the national anthem and the host’s opening speech (Mr. Mihovil Dorčić), the competition will be opened by Rijeka deputy mayor Mr. Luciano Sušanj.


The competition will be held for four days, with qualifying races in the morning and semi-finals and finals in the second part of the day.

On the first day, on Thursday, finals will be held   in 200m freestyle (Men), 200m butterfly (Women), 400m medley (Women and Men), 50m backstroke (Men), 50m breaststroke (Women), 4x100m freestyle (Men) and 4x200m freestyle (Women).


On the second day, on Friday, medals will be awarded for 100m butterfly (Men), 100m freestyle (Women), 100m breaststroke (Men), 200m breaststroke (Women), 400m freestyle (Men), 100m backstroke (Women), 200m backstroke (Men), 50m butterfly (Women), 50m freestyle (Men), 800m freestyle (Women) and 4x200m freestyle (Men).


On the third day, on Saturday, finals are planned for 400m freestyle (Women), 200m butterfly (Men), 50m backstroke (Women), 50m breaststroke (Men) and 4x100m freestyle (Women).


On the last, forth day of the competition, finals will be held in 200m medley (Women), 200m breaststroke (Men), 200m freestyle (Women), 100m freestyle (Men), 100m breaststroke (Women), 100m backstroke (Men), 100m butterfly (Women), 200m medley (Men), 200m backstroke (Women), 50m butterfly (Men), 50m freestyle (Women), 1500m freestyle (Men) and 4x100m medley (Men and Women).

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