World Bank Executive Director Visits City

Rijeka, 9th July 2004
As part of his visit to the Republic of Croatia from 8th to 12th of July 2004, Ad Melkert, executive director of the World Bank, met mayor Vojko Obersnel, representatives of the City, the Port of Rijeka Authority and the Port of Rijeka Ltd. They judged as very successful the meeting they had held.

Next to the representatives of the City of Rijeka, the Port of Rijeka Authority and the Port of Rijeka Ltd., the meeting was also attended by Ana Hrastović, assistant to the Minister of Finances of the Republic of Croatia, and Stjepan Gabrić, World Bank associate for infrastructure projects, who had arrived with Ad Melkert’s party. Discussions were held about the Rijeka Gateway Project, which envisages the financing and the construction of the first 250 meters out of a total of 600 meters of the new berth. They commented on its importance for a further development of the city and the port, as well as its already noticeable effects. “The Rijeka Gateway Project is not only of a great significance for Rijeka, but also for Croatia itself,” pointed out mayor Obersnel, expressing his gratitude to the World Bank for having recognised and supported the Project.


At the press conference held immediately after the meeting, the mayor referred to the construction works that proceed according to the scheduled dynamics. “Dominant are the works on the road infrastructure, while the works on the reconstruction of the passenger terminal and a part of Zagreb (Zagrebačka) berth will soon commence,” said the mayor. He emphasised the need to continue with the negotiations on the new connector road D-403, which will be connecting adequately the west terminal with the Rijeka Bypass and main traffic directions towards Zagreb, Ljubljana and the Dalmatian coast. The mayor also pointed out the importance of building a full profile of the motorway Rijeka – Zagreb as soon as possible. In the end he referred to the fact that the traffic in the Port of Rijeka is increasing on the daily basis.

 The World Bank executive director emphasised the importance of the Project as it sustains the development of the whole region and unites infrastructure and economic investments. “Seaside towns counting on the World Bank help are carefully following the development of this project,” stated the World Bank executive director, emphasising the above-average amount of the granted loan. Melkert expressed his satisfaction with the presented project and its implementation so that as the World Bank executive director he promised support to Croatia. “It is important that we recognise the possibility for the development of the whole region, the goal towards which the World Bank together with the European Union can make a significant contribution,” concluded Melkert.

Željko Glavan, assistant executive director for commercial and operative affairs in the Port of Rijeka Authority, and Denis Vukorepa, president of the management board of the Port of Rijeka Ltd., referred to the efficiency of the Port of Rijeka business operations. “The Port of Rijeka follows all the objectives set by this project, having thus proved its seriousness and competitiveness,” they stated.
(I. Me.)

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