Inauguration of the Czech Home "T.G. Masaryk"

Rijeka, 20 September 2009
In the presence of numerous guests, the Czech Home "T.G. Masaryk" has been inaugurated in Rijeka and at the same time marked the 15th anniversary of the activity of the association "Češka beseda" Rijeka. The Czech Home "T.G. Masaryk" was inaugurated by the mayor of the City of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel who exactly five years ago laid down the foundation stone.

The Czech Home The first who addressed the guests in the crowded Czech Home was Fanika Husak, president of the association "Češka beseda" Rijeka, who thanked everyone who had provided financial, material or any other assistance for the construction of the Czech Home.

Jara Kulhava, secretary of the Czech Union spoke about the 15 years of the activity of the association "Češka beseda" Rijeka, while Zdenka Čuhnil, parliamentary delegate for the Czech and Slovak national minorities pointed out that the most difficult think had been to explain everyone to whom they had applied for donations, that the association "Češka beseda" Rijeka had only something more than one hundred members. I used to respond: "Don't ask me about the number, ask me rather what these people are doing for their community“, said Čuhnil, praising the work of "Češka beseda" over the last 15 years.

The words of thanks were also expressed by the county head Zlatko Komadina, Tomaš Grulich, senator in the parliament of the Czech Republic, His Excellency Karel Kühnl, ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Croatia, and Radovan Fuchs, Minister of Science, Education and Sport of the RC, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
The inauguration of the Czech Home was also attended by parliamentary representatives of the Czech Republic, mayors and mayors of communes where the Czech national minority lives, and representatives of the national minorities that operate in Rijeka.

The Czech Home After the welcome speechs, the Czech Home "T.G. Masaryk" was inaugurated by the mayor of the City of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel who exactly five years ago had laid the foundation stone of the building. Obersnel concluded wittily that the message about the construction had been placed in a metal box of popular Czech liqueur Becherovka. "I knew at that time that the building would lie on solid foundations", joked Obersnel and called Fanika Husak to inaugurate the Czech Home proposing a toast with Becherovka.
As a token of gratitude, Fanika Husak as the president of the association "Češka Beseda" handed over a honorary membership card to the mayor, and presented other honorary membership cards to six citizens of Rijeka and Czechs, who in a certain way contributed to the construction of the Czech Home.

The cultural and artistic programme prepared to mark the occasion was enriched by performances of the cores of "Češka beseda" Rijeka and "Češka beseda" Sisak and the female core "Marinići" and the folk ensemble Hlubina from Ostrava and the folk ensemble "ZVIR" from Jelenje.
In the construction and equipment of the Czech Home more than 6.4 million kuna was invested, co-financed as follows: 1.96 million kuna by the City of Rijeka, 1.05 million kuna by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, 754,900 kuna by the Czech Republic, 700,000 kuna the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County, 510,000 kuna by the Czech Union in the Republic of Croatia, 470,000 kuna by the Council of the national minorities in the RC,  the members of "Češka beseda" themselves with many people who supported this project from the Czech Republic and Croatia financed the construction of the project and its equipment with 700,000 kuna, while the remaining amount relates to donations made by Czech local government units, associations and individuals who recognised the value of this project.

The Czech Home is located at the address; Ćićarijska ulica 20.
The inauguration of the Czech Home is part of the programme of the 13th edition of the traditional Ethno Festival - festival of the creation and culture of national minorities taking place under the slogan "Living in Community is Richness".

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