Ex "Torpedo" Factory Becomes New Nautical Centre

Former "Torpedo" factory at Rijeka docks, that invented and produces  world´s first torpedos, is going to become a new and attractive nautical centre. City of Rijeka leads an important enterprenuerial program in order to restructure the bankrupt factory, renew the port and old factory plants and turn them into a modern business centre.   

First torpedos were invented at the "Torpedo" factory and then distributed to the world. After World War II, the factory produced motors under the "Deutz" licence, tractors and motor vehiles.

Since June 2002 "Torpedo" factory and its property is bankrupt. City of Rijeka become one of its owners, along with the Rijeka Port authority and other companies. Working closely with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), City of Rijeka lauched a broad program to restructure the firm and bring business potential to the former factory ground.

Several companies and enterpreneurs from Rijeka saw a unique opportunity into investing in this interesting location. They bought or rented part of the 73,310 square meters of land, factory halls or little port to turn it into new business centre. "Torpedo" factory will become a modern nautical and charter centre with factories for boat engine production and other boat equippment.

Former launching spot for torpedos will be preserved as an industrial and historic monument since it is under the UNESCO heritage protection.     

At the "Torpedo" party last Friday, new business potentials of "Torpedo" factory were presented. The party was attended by Rijeka City Mayor Vojko Obersnel and the representatives of the local city and county government, along with the new owners of the factory, businessmen and enterprenuers from Rijeka area.

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