The Ukrainian Ambassador in Official Visit to the City of Rijeka

Rijeka, 15th January 2005
The Ukrainian Ambassador H.E. Victor Kyryk, accompanied by his deputy Oleksandar Lechenko, was on an official visit to the City of Rijeka. The occasion of their arrival was the opening of the exhibition organised by “Rušnjak”, the Cultural Society of Russians and Ukrainians of Primorsko-goranska County, in the premises of the Public Records Office in Rijeka.



The Presentation of the Cluster of Metal Workers of North Adriatic

Rijeka, 19th January 2005
The newly established Cluster of Metal Workers of North Adriatic, which gathers 16 craftsmen and entrepreneurs from Rijeka and surrounding districts, and numbers 186 employees with 62 million kunas of revenue, was represented in the City Hall. Besides the continual improvement and specialisation of business, the main goal of the Cluster of Metal Workers Of North Adriatic is to achieve the competitiveness on the market.



The Legendary Japanese Drummers “ZA ONDEKOZA” in Rijeka

Rijeka, 21st January 2005
The Legendary Japanese drummers “Za Ondekoza” will perform in Rijeka on 29th January, in the Croatian Cultural Hall in Sušak. The motto of the group called “Za Ondekoza” is running, playing drums and dancing around the World. Their lifestyle is based on the Sogakuron logic, the teaching that running and music are one, and their performance can be best described as drama with the energy of life.


Koncentracioni logori.JPG

“Italian Concentration Camps in the Croatian Littoral 1941-1943” and “Warsaw’s Ghetto” - Exhibitions

27th January 2005
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz, which was liberated on 27th January 1945, the City of Rijeka Museum presents the exhibitions “Italian Concentration Camps in the Croatian Littoral 1941-1943”, and “Warsaw’s Ghetto”, which are opening on Thursday, 27th January, at 8 p.m.



Children's Carnival Parade in ‘Dvorana Mladosti’ Sport Centre in Trsat

Rijeka, 29th January 2005
On account of bad weather conditions, and very low temperatures in the region of Rijeka on Saturday morning, the programme of the traditional Children’s Carnival Parade changed its location. Instead of its happening on Korzo Promenadein the centre of Rijeka, the parade was successfully held in ‘Dvorana Mladosti’ sport centre in Trsat.



Braco Dimitrijević' Exhibition in Mali Salon Gallery

As a part of the 16th International Drawings Exhibition, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, organises in one of its exhibition spaces, Mali Salon Gallery (on the address Dolac 1/II) the exhibition of one of the most prominent Croatian artists, Braco Dimitrijević. The exhibition called ‘Triptychos Post Historicus’ remains on view till 8th February, daily, 10.00 – 13.00 & 17.00 – 20.00.   


Max Ernst.JPG

Max Ernst – Books and Graphics in the Kortil Gallery

Rijeka, January 2005

The exhibition ‘Marx Ernst – Books and Graphics’, opened at the Kortil Gallery in the Croatian Cultural Centre on Sušak, shows 196 graphics, and 26 books, which document the most significant phases in the work of this artist. The collection contains the books from the epoch of Dada movement, the collage-novels from the surrealistic phase and separate graphics with the cubistic and geometrical elements.



Architects from Barcelona in Rijeka

Rijeka, March 2nd 2005
The group of 28 postgraduate students of architecture from the Institute for the advanced architecture ("Institut d'arquitecture avançade de Catalunya") in Barcelona, accompanied by the director of the Institute, Vincent Guillart and a lecturer Saša Randić, visited Rijeka as a port of their research called “HyperEurope”, and attended the reception held by the Mayor of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel, the member of the City of Rijeka Government assigned for the cultural field Maja Franković and the head of the Depatment of City Planning and Economy Milorad Milošević.



Hal's All Star Guitar Nights – Rijeka 2005

Rijeka, 28th February 2005
Tuesday and Wednesday night, 1st and 2nd March 2005, are reserved for the guitar Festival called Hal's All Star Guitar Nights – Rijeka 2005, which takes place in the Croatian Cultural House, at 8 o’clock in the evening. Besides a famous musician from Rijeka, Damir Halilić Hal, this festival will also gather the guitar players of world-wide reputation Tommy Emmanuel, Muriel Anderson, Pierre Bensusan, Jacques Stotzem and Franco Morone.



First Visit of Delegation of French Town Le Havre to Rijeka

Rijeka, 25th February 2005
The City of Rijeka Mayor, Vojko Obersnel received the delegation of the French town Le Havre headed by the deputy mayor of Le Havre, Annick Faury. Besides Mrs Faury, the French delegation was represented by Jean-Pierre Niot, assistant director of the Department for the municipal services, Ludvine Bayon, the head of the Office for the international relations of Le Havre and Caroline Socié, a delegate of the administrative and European collaboration at the French Embassy in Croatia.



"Tragic Experience"  - Backbone of 12th International Small Scenes Festival

Rijeka, March 2005
At the 12th International Small Scenes Festival to be held in Rijeka from the 2nd till 10th May, there will be 13 performances by 12 theatres and theatre groups from 9 European countries. According to the Festival selector Hrvoje Ivanković, “tragic experience” is the central topic of this Festival as all the performances gathered in this year’s selection question different models of presenting a tragic experience.



Saipem Laboratory for Welding Quality Control Opens in Rijeka

11th March 2005
Saipem Mediterranean Services, one of the world leading companies for onshore and deep-water oil and gas pipelay, acting within the Italian group ENI, opened its laboratory for the control of welding technology in Rijeka.



Mandate Letter for the Project of Modernisation and Extension of Sewerage in Rijeka Signed

Rijeka, 11th March 2005

A good cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been affirmed with today’s ceremonial signing of the Mandate Letter for the Project of Modernisation and Extension of Sewerage in Rijeka. The Mandate Letter was signed by mayor Vojko Obersnel on behalf of the City of Rijeka, director Željko Mažar on behalf of the Public Utility Company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” and Charlotte Ruhe, head of the EBRD Office for Croatia, on behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.



Erich Mendelsohn. Dynamics and Function.

Rijeka, 18th March 2005
The exhibition of Erich Mendelsohn, one of the leading avant-garde architect who attracted the attention of large audiences by one of his earliest works, Einstein Tower in Potsdam, named "Dynamics and Function. Realized Visions of a Cosmopolitan Architect" is opened in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.



Meeting with World Bank Mission Representatives for the Realisation of Rijeka Gateway Project

Rijeka, 15th March 2005
City of Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel, together with his associates, met today the representatives of the World Bank mission, headed by Michael Audigé, who are visiting Croatia in order to supervise the realisation of the Rijeka Gateway Project.



21st International Fair of Boats, Sports And Technical Culture

Rijeka, 16th March 2005
International Fair of Boats, Sports and Technical Culture is being held in Rijeka from 16-20 March, for the 21st time in row. Its basic objective is recognition and further valorisation of the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast for the purpose of advancing nautical tourism and sport. Special attention at the fair is paid to recognition and stimulation of domestic nautical production, which distinguishes it from similar fair events in the country.



Cheap Flights from Germany to Rijeka

Rijeka, 11th March 2005
The airplane of the low cost German airline company "Hapag Lloyd Express", 737 Boing Type 500 with 114 passengers, landed for the first time to Rijeka airport on Krk Island, which marked the beginning of the regular flights on the relation Rijeka – Köln and Rijeka – Hannover, for the price of about twenty Euros for a one-way ticket.



Multisensory Stimulation for People with Special Needs

Rijeka 21st March 2005
A new space for multisensory stimulation “Snoezelen” has been opened at the Rijeka Rehabilitation Centre. “Snoezelen” is a modern approach to the rehabilitation of people with special needs in the way that primary senses are stimulated with different effects in a cosy and pleasant surroundings that enable the Centre users to rest and relax.



12th Annual ICED Assembly

Rijeka, 8th April 2005

City of Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel and Ivan Lenac, member of the city government in charge of education, held a reception for the participants of 12th Annual Assembly of International Consortium for Educational Development in Higher Education (ICED), which is held in Rijeka from 8th till 11th April 2005.



Diplomatic Ball Donation Handed

Rijeka, 8th April 2005

At the special ceremony held at the Children’s Clinical Hospital Kantrida, City of Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel handed a valuable donation of equipment, books, furniture, teaching toys and aids as well as computers for the school and kindergarten that function within the Hospital. The donation was bought with the resources raised at the Diplomatic Carnival Ball held in March of this year, as part of the International Rijeka Carnival.



New Autotrolej Buses Put into Service

Rijeka, 13th April 2005

Autotrolej, City of Rijeka Public Utility Company, renewed its bus fleet by procuring 28 new buses worth 30 million kunas. The buses come from two producers, namely MERCEDES - 6 articulated and 15 single urban type vehicles and MAN – 7 single suburban type buses. The 21 new Mercedes vehicles will be operating on the city of Rijeka routes, while 7 new MAN buses in other towns and municipalities of the so-called Rijeka ring.



Bridget Riley “A Printed Retrospective 1962 – 2003” Exhibition

Rijeka, 15th April 2005
“A printed Retrospective 1962 – 2003” exhibition of Bridget Riley, one of Britain’s most respected living artists, is opened In the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka. The opening of this technically innovative and visually striking exhibition was attended by the curator of the exhibition Dana Andrew, the director of the British Council Croatia Roy Cross, British Ambassador in Croatia Sir John Ramsden, and the City of Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel.



Montserrat Caballe Performing at Rijeka Summer Nights

Rijeka,  March 2005
Rijeka Summer Nights, which with their rich music and theatre programme will last for a little longer than a month this year, are offering to the citizens of Rijeka and their guests a real music delight, the performance of the worldwide famous opera diva Montserrat Caballe



The French Cruiser "Le Levant" Anchored At the Port of Rijeka

Rijeka, 27th April 2005
The ship “Le Levant”, which has the total capacity of 95 passengers, anchored at the Port of Rijeka this morning as the first in the series of large passengers boats that will visit our town in the next months. The next cruiser is expected to arrive on 9th May.



12th International Small Scenes Theatre Festival in Rijeka 

Rijeka, 3rd May 2005
The play “Being Awake” directed by Nenni Delmestre and performed by Drama Theatre Gavella from Zagreb in the Croatian Cultural Centre in Sušak opened the “12th International Small Scenes Theatre Festival”, which this year offers 12 plays from Croatia, Belgium, Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, and Romania.



8th European Championship Nine pin Bowling for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Rijeka, 17th May 2005
The city of Rijeka is the host of the 8th European Championship nine pin bowling for the blind and visually impaired, which is held in bowling alley of the sport & recreation centre Mlaka from 17th till 21st May 2005. The Championship is organised by the Croatian Blind Sports Union, and by the Blind sports & recreation centre for the blind Rijeka, the City of Rijeka and Rijeka Sport Federation.



"Piccolo Teatro - Teatro d' Europa" in the Croatian National Theatre "Ivan pl. Zajc" in Rijeka

Rijeka, 19th May 2005
On Sunday, 22nd May, “Piccolo Teatro – Teatro d' Europa” from Milan, Italy, will give two guest performances of the play "Harlequin, a servant of two masters" at 11.30 and 20 o'clock in the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, at the beginning of their world-wide tour that will last for five months during which they will visit ten countries, including the United States.



Exhibition in Rijeka Synagogue

At 9 Ivan Filipović Street is the location of a sacral object owned by the Jewish community Rijeka - the Rijeka Synagogue. Till recently, not many citizens of Rijeka knew about the Rijeka Synagogue which represents an important building of both Jewish and Croatian architectural heritage, and which is therefore registered as one of the immovable cultural assets of Croatian Ministry of Culture.



Rijeka – Host Town of General Assembly of International Association of Cities and Ports (AICP) 2006

At the general Assembly of International Association of Cities and Ports (AICP) held in 2005. in Bilbao, the city of Rijeka has been chosen for the organiser of the next General Assembly of IACP, which will take place from 8th till 10th June 2006.



City of Rijeka Invites Tenders for the Design of New Bus Terminal and Public Library in Rijeka

Rijeka, 27th May 2005

The City of Rijeka has invited tenders for the realisation of preliminary architectural design for the new Bus terminal called 'West Žabica' and new Public library in Rijeka. These two important city projects provoke great public interest since the architects are expected to create new recognisable symbols of the city of Rijeka.



Memory of the Visit of Pope John Paul II to the City of Rijeka

During his third apostolic visit to our country, Pope John Paul II stayed in the city of Rijeka for five days.


3rd FONA – Festival of New Art

Rijeka, 27th May 2005

In the organisation of Multimedia Centre Rijeka (MMC), this year's FONA – Festival of New Art will be held for the third time, in the period from 1st August till 9th September, and with the frame theme 'non-alignment' is planned to display the overview of authors who were active during the 90's in Rijeka.



The Photography Exhibition by Rino Gropuzzo

Rijeka, 4th July 2005
"Second Step for Stepping Out" is the name of monograph photography exhibition by Rino Gropuzzo, a well-known Croatian photographer of woman’s body, which will be exhibited in the Museum of the city of Rijeka from 6th July till 15 August. This exhibition is not retrospective but rather thematically completed story, which represents the result of the cooperation between the photographer and art critic Nataša Šegota Lah.



City of Rijeka Development Projects Presented to Participants of Summer School “International Environment and European Union”

Rijeka, 15th July 2005
Rijeka University School of Economics and Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration have organised the International Summer School “International Environment and European Union” that is held from 4th to 16th July 2005. Mayor of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel has made a presentation for the participants of the Summer School on the development projects of the City of Rijeka.



"Rijeka In your pocket" Tourist Guide

Rijeka, 5th July 2005
Tourist Association of the City of Rijeka has recently published in collaboration with Plava ponistra Ltd. from Zagreb an essential city guide "Rijeka In your pocket", which contains all necessary and interesting information for tourist and visitors to the city of Rijeka and its nearby region of Kvarner.



Rijeka Summer Nights

Rijeka, 4th July 2005
"Rijeka Summer Nights" is the name of the theatre festival that is organised for the second time by the the City of Rijeka, Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc Rijeka, and the Tourist Association of the City of Rijeka. From 23th June till 26th july, the Rijeka Summer Nights festival offers a number of excellent plays and music events which are performed at various city venues.



GE.RI.T Project Final Workshop

Rijeka, 15th July 2005
The final workshop of the GE.RI.T project, which in the last fourteen months has jointly been realised by the cities of Rijeka and Genoa, has been held in the City of Rijeka Council Hall today. The total value of the project amounts to 470 000 Euros, with 50% co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Production Activities.



SAWWTACA Workshop Held in Rijeka

Rijeka, 22nd July 2005
SAWWTACA workshop presenting the results of the past work has been held in the City of Rijeka Council Hall in the organisation of the City of Rijeka, Croatian Waters and Rijeka Water and Sewerage Utility Company, partners in the international project SAWWTACA – Sewage and Waste Water Treatment in the Adriatic Coastal Area.



Reception for Representatives of Japanese Diplomatic Corps in South East Europe

Rijeka, 22nd July 2005
The Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia, His Excellency Kaname Ikeda, is a host to the meeting of Japanese ambassadors to the countries of South East Europe. As a result of  a long-standing good cooperation and friendly relations between the Embassy and the City of Rijeka, a part of the meeting was held in the region of Rijeka also, where the ambassadors have become acquainted with the economic potential and cultural and historical heritage of the town and its surroundings.



Historical Boat "Hurricane" As Attractive Monument At Rijeka Dock

Rijeka, 9th August 2005
After a long period of reparation and searching for the right location, a small, but historically valuable and interesting boat called "Hurricane", built in Hamburg in Germany some 140 years ago, is finally placed at the Rijeka dock as an attractive historical monument dedicated to the sailors.



Friendship Bracelets For "Croatia Without Mines"

Rijeka, 31st August 2005
Magma store and Croatian Mine Action Centre are the organisers of the humanitarian action called "Friendship bracelets for Croatia without mines". With buying one of these bracelets, which carry the massages "BE USEFUL" and "LESS STRESS MORE FUN you can help us clear Croatia of mines. The bracelets are sold for 10 kunas in Magma, Turbo limač and Turbo sport stores throughout Croatia, as well as in the city of Rijeka.



L'Adriatico non è frontiera / The Adriatic is not a Barrier“

L'Adriatico non è frontiera / The Adriatic is not a Barrier“ by Bruno Brevetti, published with the opening of the “Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities”. This 250-page book, with texts in Italian and English, illustrates the history, culture and customs of the populations living along both shores of the Adriatic.



Second International Conference on Industrial Heritage

Rijeka, 12th October 2005
2nd International Conference on Industrial Heritage, the motto of which is "Rijeka, a City on Water and Sea" will be held in Rijeka on 14th and 15th October.  About hundred of participants are expected to gather at the conference, from 12 countries (Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Russia, USA, Slovenia, Serbia and Monte Negro, Spain, Netherlands and Croatia), with 34 lectures, and the presentation of the Collection of papers from the last Conference held in Rijeka in 2003.


Thai Delegation Visited Rijeka

Rijeka, 11th October 2005
The City of Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel and his deputy Đani Poropat held a reception for the official delegation from the Kingdom of Thailand, which consisted of the high representatives of Thai Ministry of Commerce. Besides the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, H. E. Tawattchai Piyarat, in the delegation was also the Counsellor at the Ministry of Commerce Sombat Srisurin.



XII Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean in Naples

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka traditionally promotes young artists. In the year 1990 it became the member of the International Committee of Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean. Since then, the Museum has organised the presentation of the Croatian artists at the Biennial for many years now. This year, from 19th till 28th September the host of the 12th Biennial is Naples, where 25 Croatian artists chosen by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka will present their work.



15th International Car, Motorcycle and Equipment Show

Rijeka, 20th September 2005
The 15th International Car, Motocycle and Equipment Show is opened at the passenger piers – Adamić pier and Pier of Karolina from Rijeka in the port of Rijeka, from 20th till 25th September. The relocation of this International show of Rijeka, which had the first opening in 1991, to the centre of the town, contributed to the greater popularity of the show among the visitors.



Meeting of Phase IV of the WHO European Healthy Citiy Network in Bursa – Turkey

Rijeka, 20th September 2005.
The meeting of the Phase IV of European Healthy City Network of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is going to be held in the city of Bursa in Turkey from 21st till 23rd September 2005. The main themes of the meeting that will be discussed by the delegation from 55 countries, 44 of which are full members and 11 are candidates, are urban planning, the methods of valuation of factors that have influence on health, healthy aging and physical activity, as well as active life.



Head of World Bank Mission for Rijeka Gateway Project Visited Rijeka

Rijeka, 3rd October 2005
The head of the World Bank Mission for Rijeka Gateway Project, Mr. Michael Audige visited Rijeka, and held a meeting with the representatives of the City of Rijeka, during which they spoke about the realisation of the Project. They also discussed the need for the construction of the road D-403, a necessary connection between the future port terminal and the western part of the city.



E-Session of the City of Rijeka Government in the concept, preconditions and technologies of an Intelligent city

Rijeka, 4th October 2005
With its session summoned for the 4th of October in the year 2005, the City of Rijeka Government starts using the system of preparation, management, administration and registry of the City of Rijeka Government sessions in the electronic way (hereafter: City Government e-Sessions).



Second French-Croatian Meeting of Local Self-Government Representatives about Decentralisation and Local Development Politics

Rijeka, 7th October 2005
By gathering of many representatives of the local self-government from France and Croatia, in Rijeka City Hall was held the Second French-Croatian meeting of the representatives of local self-government about decentralisation and the politics of the local development. During a two-day's long joined business meeting in Rijeka, the city representatives of the two countries exchanged their knowledge and experiences from the field of local economic and tourist development, and in that way strengthened their mutual relationship.



Magnificent 22nd International Carnival Parade

Rijeka, 7th February 2005
The International Carnival Parade, which represents the culmination of the Carnival of Rijeka, and which is characterised by the marathon parade of numerous registered carnival groups, was attended this year by the crowd of more than hundred thousand people. 118 organised carnival groups with more than 10,000 masked participators greeted the spectators, who despite the bitterly cold weather gathered along the route of the parade.



Exhibition of Photography ‘Passageways’ by Karl Cudlin

The exhibition of 25 art photographs by the Czech artist Karel Cudlin was opened in the exhibition salon of Filodrammatica in the presence of the Ambassador of Czech Republic Petr Burianek, the city of Rijeka Vice mayor, Vesna Lukanovic, many visitors and photograph lovers. Branka Arh, the professor of the history of art, talked on this preview about the meaning of Culdin’s exhibited photos.



Meeting with the Representatives of Non-Governmental Organisations from Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, and Romania

Rijeka, 17th March 2005
The group of 12 representatives of non-governmental organisations from Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, and Romania, who participated in the educational programme held in Zagreb from 14th till 18th of March organised by GONG, and supported by the National Democratic Institute, visited Rijeka and met with the Mayor Vojko Obersnel. During the meeting, among the topics they discussed were the financing of NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations), as well as their cooperation with the City of Rijeka.



Celebration of 400th Anniversary of Birth of Baroque Painter Franciscan Serafin Schön

In the place called Menzingen in Zug County was held a celebration in honour of 400th anniversary of Franciscan painter Serafin Schön, who was born in Menzingen. The celebration was organised by the Croatian Embassy and the City of Rijeka, in collaboration with Menzingen district and Zug County. Serafin Schön, a Franciscan painter lived and worked in Franciscan monastery in Trsat where he created some very important works, so that the 400th anniversary of his birth united Rijeka and Menzingen.



Passion, Croatian selection at the XII. Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean Naples 2005

Rijeka, 23rd November 2005
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka organises the exhibition named Passion in Mali salon in Rijeka, which starts on Thursday, 24th November, at 7 p.m. The exhibition presents the works of the selection of Croatian visual artists who participated at the XII. Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean that took place in Naples in September 2005.



2nd International Fair of New Technologies and Products

Rijeka, 23rd November 2005
2nd International Fair of New Technologies and Products, organised by the City of Rijeka and Rijeka Fair Ltd.Co., is opened from 23rd to 26th November at the Fair Centre, Dvorana Mladosti in Rijeka. The purpose of the 2005 Fair is support the development of innovations and new technologies, knowledge exchange and fostering of co-operation between knowledge basins and companies.



Rijeka Chosen for the Host of the European Short Course Swimming Championship 2008

Rijeka, 12th December 2005
The main secretary of the Croatian Swimming Federation Tomislav Karlo held in Trieste a very successful presentation, which resulted in great optimism although the experiences of Rijeka sport candidature was not so good in the past. However, at the end of Championship in Trieste, the Croatian delegation, and especially the City of Rijeka delegation had a good reason for celebration because the city of Rijeka was chosen for the host of European Short Course Swimming Championship 2008.