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Free education courses aimed at active inclusion in the activity of the e-club operating within the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka

Rijeka, 27 March 2012
During the international Get Online Week, the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka organises workshops allowing citizens to get free computer education, learn how to use the Internet and Facebook, in order to join the Rijeka Facebook group – Explore your City, Love your City. Through the manifestation Get Online Week in the European year of healthy ageing and intergenerational solidarity, citizens are given support to join e-clubs and actively take part in the preservation of the cultural and industrial heritage of the city they live in.


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Small digital centres at clubs for elderly people

Rijeka, 26 March 2012
Digital centres were presented at the “Krimeja” club for pensioners and elderly people, open within the EGOV4U project in four more clubs in Rijeka gathering elderly people. Small digital centres, established in order to enable elderly people to gain basic IT skills in a pleasant and informal atmosphere, were presented within the EU campaigns e-Skills Week and Get Online Week.


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Certificates awarded to course takers who have completed free IT courses

Rijeka, 27 January 2012
Due to a large number of course takers, namely more than 120 of them, two certificate awarding ceremonies were held, relating to basic and advanced free courses organised by the City of Rijeka. Free IT training is organised for those citizen categories whose access to new skills tied to information technology is limited.


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Becoming active community members owing to IT courses

Rijeka, 28 November 2011
A series of free IT courses, organised by the City Rijeka, within the EGOV4U project is drawing to an end. Not only is the aim of the courses to enable course-takers to improve the quality of their lives by applying the newly acquired IT skills, but moreover, to become active members in the local community by transferring their knowledge to other people.



Cinema audio description intended for the visually impaired people

Rijeka, 23 November 2011
Within the Children’s Rights Festival – the first inclusive film festival in Croatia, at the cinema “Art-kino Croatia” a presentation was held about cinema audio description intended for the visually impaired people. During a press briefing, journalists had an opportunity to experience for a couple of minutes a movie through headphones for the blind and vision impaired individuals, allowing them to follow movies.


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Open Days at the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka

Rijeka, 13 September 2011
The Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education in Croatia has organised for the fifth time in a row the International Lifelong Learning Week.


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Open Days at the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka

Rijeka, 8 September 2011
The Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education in Croatia has organised for the fifth time in a row the Lifelong Learning Week. The Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka has joined the celebration by promoting programmes dedicated to pupils, young people and third agers, socially disadvantaged people, disabled people and citizens in general, that will be presented during the Open Days at the CTC.


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One more free, advanced IT course brought to an end

Rijeka, 10 July 2011
Another group of 130 attendees has completed the free, advance IT course organised for the sixth year by the City of Rijeka for pensioners and housewives over 50 years, retired Croatian Homeland War veterans and people with special needs. The free IT courses are organised within the project EGOV4U.


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Explore your city, love your city

Rijeka, 9 March 2011
Under the title "Explore your city, love your city", the Centre for Technical Culture Rijeka, in co-operation with the third agers, who within the "Rijeka, Intelligent City" project attended IT training courses at the CTC, starts organising visits to interesting places with a professional guide. The first excursion, visit to the exhibition "Rijeka Torpedo" and to the "Torpedo" factory, will be organised on Saturday, 12 March.


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The Centre for Technical Culture Rijeka joining the initiative "Get Online Week"

Rijeka, 4 March 2011
The initiative "Get Online Week" is implemented at European level. The initiative is aimed at reducing by half the number of the Europeans who still do not use the Internet, i.e. learn them to acquire the basic skills necessary to use the Internet.


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Free training courses providing PC and Internet basics

Rijeka, 2 February 2011
In the period starting from 9 February until the end of November at the Centre for Technical Culture Rijeka, citizens of all age groups may attend a free training course providing PC and internet basics. The training course includes 36 lessons, from an introduction to information technology and Windows basics through Google tools, e-mail and Skype up to photo and video processing.


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The City of Rijeka, a partner included in the project "E-government for you"

Rijeka, 27 January 2011
The City of Rijeka, together with several other European cities, has become a partner included in the project "E-government for you" worth EUR 4.8 million, co-financed by the EU. The project is aimed at speeding up e-service delivery to the socially disadvantaged categories of citizens, removing the barriers that prevent access to the internet and e-services and providing information technology at home and in the communities of the socially disadvantaged.


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The Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities in Split

Rijeka, 21 October 2010
The 12th Plenary Session titled "Towards Europe in 2020: the Role of Local Authorities in Enhancing the Quality of Life" of the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities is taking place from 21 to 22 October. The representatives of the City of Rijeka also take part in the session.