German city of Rostock and Rijeka signed an agreement 

German city of Rostock and city of Rijeka signed an agreement on co-operation on Monday, October 28 aimed at developing partnership and friendship between the two cities. Signing of the agreement was a high-point of a visit of city of Rostock delegation to Rijeka headed by Rostock Mayor Arno Pöker and German ambassador to Croatia Gebhardt Weiss.  

The agreement signed wishes to boost the co-operation between Rostock and Rijeka. This co-oepration started in 1974. when first such an agreement was signed. The mutual co-operation between Rostock and Rijeka includes joint work on cultural, educational and economical issues and the exhange of experience while working together towards a tolerant society and understanding among the people.  

Signing the agreement, Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel said that since the first agreement was signed between Rijeka and Rostock, both countries have gone under significant changes.

Cities in Europe, on a local level, lift the democratic process and they are responsible for establishing good relationships among European countries, said Rostock Mayor Arno Poeker. He added that Rostock and Rijeka will exhnage their experience in the future in order to make their local governemtn efficient.

City of Rostock delegation met with city of Rijeka officials, including Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel and other members of the city administration. Severeal presentations were organized, including those in the Chamber of commerce of Primorje and Gorski kotar County to which Rijeka is a main city. City of Rostock delegation also visitied Rijeka University and Port authorities of Rijeka port.  


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