Laid the cornerstone of the future shopping mall at Zvonimirova ulica

Rijeka, 1 July 2010
In the presence of numerous guests, among whom was the mayor of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel, the cornerstone of the future shopping mall at Zvonimirova ulica was laid down at the building site, thus symbolically marking the beginning of the construction of the new shopping mall which opening is expected to take place in spring 2012.

Visualisation of the future Western Shopping Mal On behalf of the company Zapadni Trgovački Centar (ZTC) d.o.o. / Western Shopping Mall ltd/ Michael Wittman, director of the company Zapadni Trgovački Centar d.o.o. was the first who built in his brick in the cornerstone of the future shopping mall at Zvonimirova ulica in Rijeka. His example was followed by Drago Tadić, director of the company Osijek Koteks, as the main contractor and Dario Travaš, architect, originating from Rijeka, and the representatives of the company Universale International from Vienna, that owns the company Zapadni Trgovački Centar (ZTC) d.o.o., as well as the representatives of Unicredit bank.
In issue is a project which preparation, due to various adjustments of project documentation, changes in plans and other difficulties lasted for as long as 12 years.
The building site of the Western Shopping MallThe facility will have six floors, with the 5th and the 6th floors visible from Zvonimirova ulica, while the building itself with its panorama mall and the external glass-enclosed elevators will offer a stunning view over Kvarner.
According to director Wittmann, on three floors the facility will accommodate 60 outlets of internationally renowned brands. All the premises will be leased, and the first agreement has been signed with Plodine. At present, negotiations are underway with the famous brands C&A, Newyorker, Drogerie Müller and many others whose brands will be attractive for young people. „What will attract the buyers is distinction from other centres. ZTC will be the first shopping mall without a Multiplex cinema, a casino or similar entertainment facilities, and the emphasis will be put on the joy of buying for all ages“, said Wittmann pointing out that he is not afraid of the competition of the Tower Centre, since Rijeka with its surroundings can accomodate two shopping centres. It is expected that during construction and in its subsequent use about 800 persons will find a job here.
Michael WittmanMayor Obersnel welcomed the beginning of works on the new shopping mall, pointing out that there is not a moment more beautiful than the beginning of works on a large project or an investment, because it brings optimism in these difficult times, and it also means that new jobs will be opened.
Obersnel said that with its completion, the realisation of some other projects will be launched, giving this zone quite a different form.
The investment, when adding up the costs of repurchasing the plots, drawing up project documentation and construction, has been estimated at EUR 50 million, the completion of the facility is announced for the end of 2011, and its solemn opening for spring 2012.

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