"Un-Trashed" Exhibition of Rejected Designer's Works 

Association of Croatian designers openen an exhibition of their rejected works called "Un-Trashed" at Filodrammatica in Rijeka. This interesting exhibiton features works and creative ideas by Croatian designers that were rejected by their clients. 

"Un-Trashed" exhibition is organized by the Croatian Association of  Artists (ULUPUH) and endorsed by International Council of Grafic Design Associations (ICOGRADA). Marking World´s Design Day, the exhibition was first opened in ULUPUH gallery in Zagreb on April 27 this year. It will be opened in Rijeka on Tuesday upon the invitation of the City of Rijeka Departement of Culture. 


Many designers have had first-hand experiences with their best ideas being rejected by the client. The criteria by which the clients make such decisions are, more often than not, problematic in that they treat design as a matter of liking rather than quality. What happens to the works we have never showcased as they failed to satisfy the taste of our clients?

Exhibition of Rejected works "Un-trashed", following the tradition of the ´Salons des refuses´, offers the opportunity to finally see these works and thus get a more complete picture of the authenticity and creativity of the designers´ work.

The goal of this exhibition is to show the real situation on the graphic design scene in Croatia through the relationship between the clients and the works of professional designers. These are, above all, works the designers were satisfied with, their first and authentic solutions that were either rejected or subjected to so many compromises by the client that they ceased to have any resemblance to the original idea. Organizers hope this exhibition will give its small contribution in provoking the public opinion and confronting the clients with missed opportunities.

Organizers of this event, along with the Croatian Ministry of culture, are planning to organize the 1st international "Un-trashed" exhibiton in Zagreb on April 27, 2003.  


You can see this interesting exhibition on www.untrashed.com. 



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