Land Management Division, carries out activities relating to land preparation, i.e. creation of technical and property prerequisites for the implementation of spatial planning documents and realisation of construction projects in accordance with laws and regulations. They implement procedures for technical and property preparation of land for city investments and for locations offered in the market for sale, which includes ordering geodetic surveys (parcelling, etc.), analysis of the ownership of single zones, carrying out procedures for acquiring land into ownership (purchase of land, starting expropriation procedure etc.). Furthermore, procedures are carried out at the request of the parties related to the resolution of property relations on land (sale of land, exchange of land, right of construction, right of easement, lease of land), which includes the preparation and implementation of tenders for having land at one’s disposal, conclusion of contracts, control of contract performance. Geodetic surveys (parcelling, etc.) in which the City of Rijeka is a party to the proceedings are certified at the request of the parties or geodetic surveys commissioned by the City of Rijeka. Procedures for registering the ownership rights of the City of Rijeka on the land are conducted, and systematic records of the land owned by the City of Rijeka are kept in the GIS database (alphanumeric and graphic data). All procedures related to land in which the City of Rijeka is a party are also monitored, such as court cases, land restitution procedures, etc.

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