Anti-corruption is an obligation arising out of the United Nations Convention against corruption and relevant documents adopted by the Council of Europe and the European Union.

In February 2015, Croatia brought in its Anti-corruption Strategy for the period from 2015 to 2020

The City of Rijeka considers that transparency in the activity of its services is the strongest weapon in the fight against corruption. Transparency reflects in a huge quantity of published documents, acts, decisions and conclusions and in a number of two-way communication channels with citizens.

Active citizenship

Under the heading Active citizenship various models are available allowing citizens to take part in decision-making processes, creating a budget and monitoring of the activities of public administration bodies.

Irregularity Officer

Under Article 36 (2) of the Public Internal Financial Control System Act (“Official Gazette” No 141/06) the head of the budget beneficiary is obliged to appoint a person responsible for irregularities, whom irregularities and suspected fraud are to be reported or who shall independently take measures against irregularities and fraud.

The irregularity officer at the City of Rijeka is:

Vinko Randić

T. +385 51 209 477

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics relating to civil servants and support personnel of the City of Rijeka was adopted in 2012. The Code of Ethics contains additional information on the Code, on the Ethics Commission and information on the Ethics Commissioner whom citizens may report unethical behaviour by civil servants and support personnel of the City of Rijeka.

Prevention of conflicts of interest

Aiming to prevent conflicts of interest, pursuant to the Public Procurement Act, public contractors shall public the list of economic operators with whom the representatives of the public entity maintain certain relationships that are considered conflicts of interest.

The City of Rijeka, as a public contractor, publishes that there are no economic operators with which the contractor’s representatives – mayor and deputy mayor and persons related to them – are in a conflict of interest.

The prevention of conflicts of interest is outlined in Article 13 of the Public Procurement Act.

Public Procurement

The registries of signed public procurement contracts and framework agreements and below legal threshold contracts are available on the website of Public Procurement. Furthermore, public procurement plans by years and published public procurement procedures are also available there.

Compensating the costs of the electoral campaign

The costs of the electoral campaign are compensated from the budget of the local and regional self-government unit in which elections are taking place. The City of Rijeka publishes Compensation of costs of the electoral campaign for mayoral elections and Compensation of costs of the election campaign for electing City Council members.

List of sponsorships and donations

The City of Rijeka publishes a number of bids during a year in which civil society organisations can take part and realise donations and sponsorships for their projects. Reports on the awarded grants for civil society projects and programmes by years starting from 2008 are available on the website dedicated to civil society development.

Right of access to information

Pursuant to the Law on Access to Information, public administration bodies may be asked to provide natural and legal persons with information possessed, held at their disposal or supervised by those public authority bodies. The City of Rijeka has a separate website dedicated to the realisation of this citizen right where a request to access information can be filled out, contacts can be found of the information officer, frequently asked questions and answers and reports on the implementation of the Law on Access to Information at the City of Rijeka.

Site plan and other plans of the City of Rijeka

The Site Plan is a key urban planning document of every local self-government unit. The City of Rijeka publishes cartographic reviews and textual parts of site and other plans so that at the website Site Plans, in addition to the site plan, the development plan, detailed city plans, urban development plan and urban projects are also available. Moreover, it also outlines the manner in which public debate on a proposed town plan is implemented.

City of Rijeka Development Plan

The City of Rijeka Development Plan 2021 – 2027, adopted in March 2021, is the underlying document of the development of Rijeka until 2030. Further information is available on the website of the City of Rijeka Development Plan.


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