The Development, Urban Planning and Ecology Division carries out the activities relating to preparation, co-ordination and elaboration of documents relating to physical planning and any other activities that relate to the elaboration of site documentation, project and other documentation relating to urban planning and regulation.

This division employs 20 staff members and all the segment professions are represented that take part in the process of drawing up city projects.

Based on the analysis of preparations relating to property rights, and site and planned documentation, this Division proposes an optimum manner in which capital, development and city projects should be prepared and realised; it

  • drafts and implements the technical and legal frameworks necessary to realise city projects
  • provides preconditions and implements an actual preparation of a site
  • coordinates programme, planned and project documentation in order to realise city projects
  • promotes the realisation and marketability of capital city projects
  • continuously keeps and updates the database for the needs of the City of Rijeka by applying GIS technology

The work model of this division is based on the commitment that the preparation of documents relating to physical planning will be checked in the market. The Department, i.e. this Division as the party entitled to draw up documents, carry out complete preparatory work and perform programme tasks that contain not only the sum of information on the area under review, but they also give creative solutions to location problems that may appear on the concerned site. Thus the programme task becomes a clear document showing the contractor’s liabilities, leaving him/her a freedom of interpretation and a possibility to supplement the goals and visions of physical planning. The preparation of a programme task under the circumstances of inherited physical planning documents represents an exceptional effort because owing to this programme task the act of physical planning is carried out.

The methodological process of drawing up supposes that interested parties would be included in the preparation of the plan. Under current conditions, efforts to include a maximum possible number of parties: local boards, as representatives of citizens’ interests, citizens’ associations, city, county and state authorities, utility and public enterprises, organisations and public interest institutions (education, sport and religious), land owners (corporations, individuals), ownership aspirants to various types of property items etc. that legally express their rights or aspirations to a space, lead to a situation of confronted interests, plans and space development visions.
All of them need to be recognised in the preparatory phase of the plan, their interests and aspirations to a space in the phase of preparing programme tasks should be questioned, as well as while drawing up documents relating to physical planning, spatial aspirations need to be aligned, filtered or refused. Therefore the plan is prepared in phases of pre-concept, concept and synthesis. The phases include internal professional discussion, and from the phase in which a conception proposal is created, also a procedure of public debate with a wide circle of participants.

In its work this Division cooperates with county and state administration institutions, with other divisions within the city government, with specialised institutions, companies and individuals, and it also fosters communication with citizens and civil associations, and not only in their preparatory phase or when adopting documents relating to physical planning.

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