The Land Management Division carries out the activities relating to preparation, co-ordination and elaboration of documents of physical planning and any other activities that relate to the elaboration of site documentation, project and other documentation relating to urban planning and regulation.

The activities of the Land Management Division are as follows, it:

  • collects title deeds of municipal land,
  • prepares plots for investments made by the City,
  • prepares plots for the market,
  • implements procedures in legal transactions relating to municipal land,
  • monitors realisation of agreed locations,
  • resolves citizens’ requests relating to propriety relations in connection with plots,
  • processes customers’ requests in the event of smaller-scale capital investments.

The staff of this Division includes various professions such as: economists, civil engineers, lawyers, architects and land-surveyors, who closely cooperate with county and state administration institutions, with specialised companies and institutions and with other divisions within the city government.

This Division pays particular attention to the citizens’ requests that relate to the settlement of proprietary relations in connection with plots.
Citizens’ request can be grouped into:

  • request for forming curtilages,
  • request for taking on lease plots for their temporary use,
  • requests for establishing easements (of trespassing, setting installations etc.), or other rights, such as e.g. building right etc.

In addition to the specified activities, this Division processes customers’ requests in the event of capital investments, when processing requests about possibilities of constructing a specific-purpose facility on single sites.
In administrative proceedings held at county offices relating to propriety relations in connection with plots, this Division represents the City (procedures of land restoration, procedures of issuing site development permits, procedures in the Cadastral Office for the establishment of a landholder or an owner etc.).