Customer service hours of operation:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to 13:00 h
  • Customers are not received on Tuesday and Thursday, except for the Clerk’s office(Tito sq. No.3) where customers are received daily from 8:30 to 15:30 h.

The operations of the Department include:

  • promotion of physical planning in order to use land in a more efficient manner, improve the quality and efficiency methodology when preparing, drawing up and issuing documents relating to town planning,
  • cooperation in the implementation of the system that co-ordinates City interests with the interests of the neighbouring districts, cities, counties and the Republic of Croatia,
  • organising the compilation of studies and surveys and the implementation of concrete measures in the segment of traffic, infrastructure, environmental protection and architectural heritage,
  • developing building plots to enable the construction of facilities and organisation of public places,
  • collecting documentation and implementing procedures in legal transactions relating to municipal land
  • carrying out the state administration activities of land administration that are within the competence of the City, as laid down by the Law,
  • establishing and keeping the cadastre register of cables, establishing and keeping the original records of inhabited places, streets and determining street numbers,
  • carrying out administrative and technical operations for the needs of land-consolidation committee and implementing land consolidation decisions,
  • carrying out administrative and technical operations for the needs of the Committee in charge of assessing the architectural success of a conceptual project.
  • carrying out administrative and professional operations for the needs of the bodies of the Urban Agglomeration Rijeka,
  • preparing, coordinating and taking part in the preparation and implementation of the Development Strategy of the Urban Agglomeration Rijeka,
  • providing professional support and cooperation with professional services of the members of the Urban Agglomeration Rijeka and competent authorities in the preparation and implementation of the projects promoted under the Urban agglomeration Rijeka,
  • assessing the quality of project proposals and carrying out other activities relating to the intermediary function of the ITI mechanism and delegated activities of the Operational Programmes’ Management Body.

The City Department of development, urban planning, ecology and land management consists of three organisational units : Development, Urban Planning and Ecology Division, Land Management Division and ITI Implementation Division.