This Service takes care of and coordinates the realisation of programmes taking place at the HKD theatre, Filodrammatica and the Kortil gallery. Programmes are regularly held In the premises of the HKD theatre and Filodrammatica which are the head offices of cultural associations or excising facilities for dance, musical and theatre activities.. The programmes are supervised by this Service which also provides assistance during their realisation.

The service forms part of the Programme Division of the Department of Culture. In accordance with the Public Needs Programme in the field of culture of the City of Rijeka and in cooperation with other employees of the Programme Division it prepares schedules and annual programme plans for the HKD theatre and Filodrammatica and during the year, in accordance with users’ requests and in agreement with associates it adds and coordinates the programmes taking place in the premises of the HKD theatre, the Kortil gallery and Filodrammatica.