The activities of the City Department of Culture include:

  • Monitoring of the work and management of the cultural institutions established and owned by the City of Rijeka;
  • Monitoring and encouraging the work of associations and other legal and natural persons dealing with culture;
  • Providing professional assistance in the realisation of programmes and resolving the problems encountered by City budget users dealing with culture;
  • Taking part in the preparation and realisation of cultural manifestations of importance for the City;
  • Bringing together and considering  projects proposed by institutional and non institutional cultural organisations, participating and encouraging representation and development of cultural creativity, as well as specific needs of young people.

The Department takes care of cultural facilities

  • Taking care of cultural facilities includes the activities relating to management, maintenance and construction of cultural facilities of importance for the City of Rijeka.
  • The management of facilities implies lease contracts, namely the manner of use, while maintenance and construction activities relating to cultural facilities encompass the preparation of documentation and responsibility for monitoring maintenance works, investment maintenance and investments themselves.

The Department systematically monitors activities falling within the scope of the protection and conservation of cultural heritage, it manages and coordinates the implementation of the protection and conservation programmes that are financed or co-financed from the budget of the City of Rijeka, it cooperates with competent services and institutions on all issues relating to protection and conservation, and also drafts short-term and long-term plans for allocating the funds collected from monument annuities.

The Department is also  responsible for cultural institutions the CNT Ivan Zajc, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, the Civic Museum, the City Poppy Theatre, the cinema Art-kino and the Rijeka City Library.

The Croatian Cultural Centre, Sušak (Hrvatski kulturni dom) is run by the CNT Ivan Zajc, while the Filodrammatica,  Marganovo and Palach club are managed by the independent cultural scene, the Alliance of associations Molekula.

The Department manages the  Kortil Gallery within the Croatian Cultural Centre, Sušak. The gallery, owing to the well-defined exhibition programme, was added to the list of relevant exhibition spaces in 2001 by the Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association.

The Department  of Culture also implements and coordinates activities tied to candidature of Rijeka for the European Capital of Culture in 2020 as one of the most important strategic projects within the drafted Cultural Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka from  2013 – 2020.