The activities taking place at the City Department of Finance are organised and run by the head who is responsible for the legality of the work and performance of this Department. The head represents the Department in financial and budgetary transactions, s/he gives instructions and coordinates the work when bringing in guidelines for budget preparation, drawing up a budget proposal and organising the implementation of the decisions taken by the City Council.

Account number for regular transactions of the City of Rijeka is 2402006-1837300005 Proračun Grada Rijeke (Budget of the City of Rijeka)

PIN of the City of Rijeka – 54382731928

At the Department of Finances the following activities are carried out: budgetary transactions, financial operation, accounting and bookkeeping activities, collection of municipal taxes and other income and insurance operations.

  • Budgetary transactions include planning and budgeting, planning and liquidity monitoring, supervising budget implementation, drawing up semi-annual reports on budget implementation and annual budget calculation, performing the City’s borrowing procedures and making warranties, monitoring borrowings and drawing up reports on the debt balance.
  • Planning and registering activities relating to public procurement include coordination and unification of the City’s annual public procurement plan, unifying the records of completed public procurement procedures, keeping unified records of the duly fulfilment of contracts and issuing certificates to contractors for works, goods and services, relating to the duly fulfilment of contractual obligations towards the City.
  • The financial operation includes treasury operations, activities of payroll calculation and payment to civil servants and employees of the City and the Public fire-fighting brigade of the City of Rijeka, controlling whether payment orders are in line with financial and accounting regulations and effecting payment on the basis of orders given by the City’s administrative bodies, the Public fire-fighting brigade of the City of Rijeka and local boards, keeping the records of purchase invoices, and registering, storing and activating the issued and received security instruments.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping activities imply the activities of keeping budget records of the Public fire-fighting brigade of the City of Rijeka and local boards, keeping the analytical book records of assets-based, liabilities-based and claims-based business developments and transactions, keeping the records of issued and received warranties and guarantees and drawing up financial reports and consolidated financial reports in accordance with financial and accounting regulations.
  • Collecting municipal taxes and other income implies the identification of municipal taxpayers and municipal tax collection, fixing monthly obligations and collecting income deriving from sold municipal flats and analytical monitoring of the collection of other income realised by the City’s administrative bodies.
  • Insurance operations include the performance of public procurement procedures for property insurance services and the City’s public servants and employees, supervising the fulfilment of obligations and claims under insurance, notification of claims, and undertaking measures in order to ascertain the amount of loss and indemnification.