The City Department of Health and Social Welfare carries out activities related to community’s care for citizens who due to unfavourable personal and social reasons and circumstances are not in a position to independently meet their basic living needs. The Department also implements activities regarding the improvement of accessibility and quality of health care in the city area and provides for citizens a higher standard of health care from the one which is secured by the state. The goal is to protect and improve the quality of life, as well as, physical and mental health of Rijeka’ citizens. For the realization of these goals the Department collaborates with different institutions, associations and other legal persons.

This is an outline of the more important activities carried out by the qualified personnel of the Department:

  • Implementation of the Provisional Accommodation Program (for the socially most threatened category)
  • Implementation of the Psychosocial Protection Program (for vulnerable population categories)
  • Implementation of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program
  • Implementation of the Animal Protection Program
  • Implementation of educative and promotional activities related to health and social welfare
  • Coordination of activities related to the participation of the City of Rijeka in the WHO project named the European Healthy Cities Network
  • Coordination of activities related to the Interest Groups of the Rijeka Healthy City project
  • Coordination of activities related to City Council of Pupils-Rijeka Healthy City
  • Coordination of activities related to the participation of the City of Rijeka in the Action: Towns and Districts-Friends of Children
  • Coordination of activities of the City of Rijeka related to the implementation of the National Population Strategy
  • Coordination of the Anti-addiction Commission of the City of Rijeka
  • Observation of health statistical and relevant socio-economic and socio-demographic indicators, estimation of citizens’ needs, evaluation of projects and programs
  • Making strategies and action plans of the City of Rijeka directed towards protection of vulnerable population groups (people with disabilities, the elderly, etc.)
  • Observation of building, furnishing and maintenance of the facilities owned by the City of Rijeka, where health and social welfare activities are performed
  • Support for equipment procurement for health care institutions
  • Support for professional training of personnel and for the organization of professional conferences in the field of health care and social welfare
  • Support for activity and surveillance over the performance of health and social welfare institutions founded by the City of Rijeka (Psychiatric Hospital “Lopača” and Child Day Care Home “Tić”)