This Department carries out professional activities relating to sports manifestations and manifestations in the field of technical culture of relevance for the City and promotes business cooperation with the Community of sports associations of the city of Rijeka, the Community of technical culture of the city of Rijeka and limited liability company owned by the City “Rijeka sport” for management, maintenance and construction of sports and other facilities and they carry out joint city project activities.

This Department carries out activities and tasks relating to the public needs programme of the City of Rijeka in the field of sport and technical culture and activities relating to available budgetary funds of the City of Rijeka approved by scope and amount in favour of respective programmes of public needs.

More specifically, these activities and tasks include:

  • establishing programming criteria, methods and conditions for allocating funds and controlling whether the approved budgetary funds are used in a purposeful manner,
  • taking care of professional work, the educational and IT activities that serve to realise the public needs programme in the field of sports and technical culture,.

This Department proposes the intention and the manner in which sports and technical culture facilities are used and it supervises their utilisation.

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