The Office of the Financial Management and Control of the City of Rijeka performs co-ordination tasks and activities aimed at setting up a comprehensive internal control system in the administrative bodies of the City of Rijeka that, owing to risk management, provides reasonable assurance that in achieving its objectives, budgetary and other funds are used in a correct, ethical, economical, efficient and effective manner.

These operations and activities include:

  • co-ordination in setting up and developing the methodologies of financial management and internal control systems that primarily relate to ex ante and ex post financial controls, accounting functions and financial reporting,
  • participation and assistance to managers in the City Government bodies when establishing internal controls,
  • drawing up a registry (file) of business processes and its updating,
  • risk analysis in part of comprehensive monitoring of income and receipts, effecting debit and cost transactions, monitoring assets and liabilities and suitable checks on the security and protection of financial and non-financial assets, public procurement procedures and project management,
  • setting up a risk registry,
  • supervision of business transactions, tendering and contracting procedures,
  • passing and monitoring the Financial Management and Control Plan,
  • drawing up an annual report on the state and progress of financial management and control,
  • co-operation with the Central Harmonisation Unit of the Ministry of Finance and the Internal Audit Unit,
  • performance of other tasks in accordance with the law, other regulations and by order of the mayor.