This Service keeps or cooperates on the occasion of the implementation of projects from the field of eServices, open data, EU and international projects in the field of ICT, it keeps and takes care of the website eServices,  Open Data Portal, website of the City of Rijeka, and it keeps projects from the field of eInclusion and education of target groups of citizens.

Via digital information nodes located in accessible public places, this Service informs the public about the services provided by the City and its utility companies and institutions.

The Service represents the City of Rijeka in international city associations EUROCITIES Knowledge Society ForumMajor Cities of Europe IT users group and global initiatives such as The Green Digital CharterThe European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities and  OASC – Open & Agile Smart Cities

For eAdministration, the Service cooperates and co-ordinates the implementation of  national  and EU strategic guidelines tied to the implementation of the “Digital Agenda for Europe” and the EU initiative  Digital Cities Challenge.

In cooperation with the academic community, civil society organisations, business sectors and other public administration bodies it organises manifestations for all who are interested in new technology, and during professional gatherings, it presents the ICT projects of the City of Rijeka.


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