The Information Technology Department carries out the activities relating to planning, projecting, developing and establishing IT systems, geo-information systems (GIS), integrating alphanumeric and graphic data, the City’s websites and two-way communication systems, as well as citizen on-line services within the development of e-Government. It carries out the activities relating to planning, acquisition and managing ITC resources, network supervision and operation (intranet and internet) and provides data safety and protection.

Furthermore, it carries out the activities relating to the development, maintenance and management of the electronic communication infrastructure owned by the City. It implements the activities relating to the development, establishment and maintenance of the City of Rijeka Contact Centre. It plans and implements education for officers and other employees on the utilisation of IT equipment, work programmes and tools.

Information technology within city administration develops in the manner that it transforms from information, technical and technological support services to a linkage that enables a better functioning of all the city administration organisational units. In addition to the computerisation of the city administration departments, the IT Department actively takes part in the computerisation of utility companies, other companies and institutions founded and owned by the City, by creating an integrated IT system within local self-government on the principle of distribution.

Such strategy is included in the development of a unique IT system relation that is based on:

  • technical and technological grounds
  • programme support to system functioning
  • the electronic communication system.



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