Competences and powers of community wardens they:

  • monitor the implementation of the regulations governing the municipal order,
  • monitor the implementation of the rules for keeping pets,
  • supervise the concession of public areas and other real estate owned by the City of Rijeka to be used for the installation of temporary structures and advertising objects (kiosks, prefabricated structures, mobile devices, bar and restaurant terraces, stands and other devices) and the use of public areas for other purposes,
  • supervise the implementation of the regulations governing noise protection within the local self-government units,
  • monitor the implementation of the regulations governing unclassified roads,
  • supervise the implementation of regulations under the jurisdiction of local self-government units, which regulate building inspection,
  • supervise the implementation of waste legislation within local self-government units,
  • supervise natural and legal persons to whom the concession has been assigned for the purpose of carrying out utility activities, activities on the maritime domain or other activities,
  • carry out supervision on the basis of regulations governing public passenger transport,
  • monitor the implementation of legislation regulating taxi transport,
  • supervise the activities of companies and utility companies that carry out activities in the field of municipal and water economy and waste collection and treatment,
  • monitor the application of prescribed disinfection, pest control and rodent control measures, measures to prevent the spread of ragweed and other measures relating to the protection of public health within the local self-government units.

Activities that are not the responsibility of the municipal police officer:

  • atmospheric, water, light and radiation pollution
  • violation of public order and peace
  • house rules and other relationships between apartment owners in condominiums,
  • construction of solid structures,
  • disputes between owners of neighbouring plots (borders, walls, trees, water spills, etc.)

Citizens may report any observations and information to the Community Wardens Division by calling the free phone of the Centre on duty 24 hours a day on 0800–5100.



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