The Power Plant Project includes the reconstruction and conversion of the power plant building of the former Rijeka paper mill into a start-up incubator for creative technologies and the IT industry.

Project title: Power Plant – Start-up incubator for creative technologies and the IT industry

Project Description:
Constructing and equipping entrepreneurial infrastructure and providing support services to business starters for the development of their business operation.

The concept and the scope of the future incubator stems from the strategic guidelines of the City of Rijeka Development Strategy for the period from 2014 to 2020, that specify, as a measure for enhancing competition, the development of the technology-based economy. Moreover, the city of Rijeka for many years has positioned itself as a smart city, at national and international level, focussing itself, to a large degree, on the propulsive sector of digital and IT technology.

Project scope:
It has been envisaged that owing to this project more than 2,700 sq. m. of useful area will be available for entrepreneurs and will be supported by mentorship programmes, education, professional gatherings and events as well as other types of development support aimed at the IT community. It is envisaged that the support programme will be primarily focussed on the development of IT solutions tied to IOT(Internet Of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), multimedia, the games industry, open data, as well as products relating to smart cities themes.

In order to organise the predicted programmes and accommodate entrepreneurs, it has been planned to increase the net useful area of the Power plant from 1,735 sq. m. available at present to 2,785 sq. m. Additional construction of two new floors has been projected of a gallery type, reconstruction of the eastern facade and demolishment of unnecessary building elements. Furthermore, it is predicted that the found construction elements will be restored, while the building’s interior with necessary building interventions will be adapted to new functions while maintaining valuable elements of the interior in accordance with the conservators’ requests.

Project situation:
The project is in its final phase of preparation so that it can take part in the announced call for tenders ”The System of Start-up incubators in the territory of the Rijeka Urban Agglomeration“ (ITU mechanism), to be published by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds within the Operational programme competitiveness and cohesion 2014-2020, priority axis 3 “Business Competitiveness“, specific goal 3a2 “Enabling favourable environment for entrepreneurship development“.
The following city departments are responsible for project preparation and realisation: the Department of Entrepreneurship, the Department of Culture, the Department of Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management, the Information Technology Department, Smart RI and Rijeka 2020.

Investment value: the total project value amounts to HRK 30,000,000.00

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