Sugar Refinery Building

The mansion of the Sugar Refinery within the industrial complex “Rikard Benčić” is one of the buildings that until the 1990s formed an industrial complex that throughout history was the industry centre of the western part of Rijeka. Since 1970, the mansion of the Sugar Refinery has been protected cultural heritage. Until now, the City of Rijeka has invested around HRK 12 million in long-term research and restoration of valuable mansion artefacts, in cooperation with the Croatian Conservation Institute, pursuant to which guidelines were proposed in order to prepare project documentation of its reconstruction.

Transformation into the Civic Museum

Once the reconstruction and equipment have been completed, the Rijeka Civic Museum will move in the former administration building of the factory, the so called Mansion of the Sugar Refinery.

The ground floor, in its future renewed edition, will offer business premises – a bookstore with a gift shop, a coffee bar / patisserie and tourist facilities, while the story about the history and culture of Rijeka narrated through the permanent collection of the Civic Museum will guide visitors around the rooms on the first and the second floor. The third floor will accommodate the premises for the curator’s activity and supporting personnel, while technical premises of the museum and repositories will be located in the attic. A new staircase will be constructed for evacuation needs, along the western front of the building.

The Rijeka Civic Museum in its permanent collection will address many Rijeka topics such as the world’s first torpedo, the Naval Academy, Rijeka as an emigrant port, the history of the city theatre, the skyscrapers of Rijeka, music, Rijeka rock, the history of large Rijeka companies – Paper mill, Tobacco factory… Items from the museum collection and artefacts will be placed in more than 30 rooms on two floors.

Owing to the renewal of this building Rijeka will get prominent cultural premises with lavish interiors of rich decorations, wall and ceiling paintings of mythological contents and historical scenes from antiquity, panoramas of imaginary cities.

European funds for reconstruction

The reconstruction of the baroque mansion forms an integral part of the project titled “Touristic valorisation of the prominent monuments of Rijeka industrial heritage“ that the City of Rijeka implements in partnership with the University of Rijeka and the Tourist Board of the city of Rijeka.

Public spaces planning within the complex Benčić with related infrastructure

The works, that since April 2019 have been performed on a surface of 15.700 sq.m., form an integral part of the project for the transformation and revitalization of the former complex Rikard Benčić, which owing to the refurbishment of the mansion of the Sugar Refinery into the Rijeka Civic Museum, the T-building into the Rijeka Civic Library and the construction of the Children’s House will turn it into the cultural quarter of Rijeka.

The project documentation comprises the construction of a new water supply system, new rainwater and sanitary water drainage, electrical installations, mechanical and thermo-technical installations, electric power distribution channels. The following construction works have been predicted within infrastructure construction: the construction of energy channels, rainwater retention structures with pumping stations, aggregates, pumping stations for sanitation drainage, substation. The central space of the ground floor between the buildings will be organised as an open space in the function of a public square with several urban interventions in the form of a greenery island, a theme park, hiking trails, urban equipment.

Part of the ground floor overlooking Nikola Tesla street, will be organised as an outdoor parking lot with 155 parking spaces out of which 12 spaces for people with disabilities.

The value of the works amounts to HRK 50,429,079.83.

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