The project "Rijeka Strolling Paths" was launched within the activities of the "Rijeka – Healthy City" Project Office.

The project “Rijeka Strolling Paths” was realised in co-operation of the City of Rijeka and the mountaineering associations “HT i HP Učka”, “Duga” and “Bazovica” from Rijeka.

The renewal of the Rijeka strolling paths is aimed at connecting the southeastern-most point with the northwestern-most point of the city area with strolling paths.

“The ring” of Rijeka strolling paths is divided in several sections and subsections (trails) that all begin and end at the bus stops of the urban bus carrier and pass through the most beautiful and the greenest city areas, with many historical monuments surrounding them.

The strolling paths have been envisaged for the purpose of recreation and in order to encourage citizens to be physically active.

The City of Rijeka also plans to realise a costal path whereby it will get a unique network of strolling paths.

Up to now the following sections of the strolling paths have been opened:

Plumbum – Trsat

Within the project “Rijeka Strolling Paths” the first section of the strolling path from Plumbum passing trough the quarters of Donja and Gornja Vežica, Sveti križ and Strmica to Trsat, 11.5 km long was opened in 2011.

Trsat – Orehovica – Maršić

The second section from Trsat to Orehovica, 2.5 km long, was opened in 2012.

Through the Rječina canyon

The third section from Orehovica to the graveyard in the quarter of Drenova heads through the canyon of the Rječina river, over the hill Veli vrh and the Cultural Centre in Drenova, is 9.8 km long. This path is very demanding, but it offers some picturesque landscapes of the canyon, old mills and breathtaking views from the slopes high above the canyon.



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