Project Title

Acquisition of new buses II for the utility company Autotrolej

Project goal

The project is aimed at improving public urban transport, by increasing the sustainability of public urban transport owing to the acquisition of 37 new buses that will modernise the vehicle fleet.


June 2021 – December 2023

Competent authority

The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, following a limited call for the submission of project proposals for the award of grants, K.K.


The project is aimed at promoting new forms of transport, raising and improving the quality of public transport and reducing negative impacts on the environment, reducing operating costs, reducing travel time by modernising the vehicle fleet and providing appropriate and safe vehicles for passenger transport by replacing obsolete vehicle fleet in order to provide public transport on the lines determined by the public service contract concluded between local (regional) self-government units of and the carrier, utility company Autotrolej. The project includes the procurement and commissioning of 37 new buses EURO norm 6.

Specific objectives and expected results

The proposed project will achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Capacity improvement by increasing travel speed and reducing operating costs
  2. Improving traffic reliability and safety
  3. Reducing harmful gas emissions and air pollution
  4. Adaptation to EU standards

Expected results: 37 new buses EURO norm 6 have been acquired  and put in operation.


Utility company Autotrolej


  • Total project value: HRK 82,260,811.24
  • EU funding: HRK 55,600,000.00

Financed under

Structural funds – Cohesion Fund – Operational programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014- 2020”

For additional information please contact

Nives Andrić
tel: +385 51 311 590

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