Project Title: IRIS – Sports as a mechanism of early integration and rehabilitation

IRIS - Sports as a mechanism of early integration and rehabilitation

Project goal:

Exchange of experience in the field of integration of preschool children and disabled lower primary pupils through sports, as well as preparing conditions necessary for their successful integration in kindergartens and schools. The aim of early integration is to improve the quality of the life of disabled persons and their tutors and of the whole local community, while in the long run, it will reduce the intervention costs necessary for professional rehabilitation of disabled people.

Duration: March 2014. – June 2015.

Key activities:

  • Analysis of the situation and needs for education personnel working with children with special needs;
  • Developing a bilingual education programme;
  • Workshops for preschool and school teachers;
  • Transfer of positive practice to kindergartens and schools that did not take part in pilot programme implementation;
  • Five-day festival hosted by each partner;
  • Website.


  • Rijeka Sports Association
  • IPAK institute for symbol analysis and IT development, Slovenia
  • Community Inclusion and Support Centre, Pula


Total project budget: EUR 229,599.50
EU funding: EUR 191,636.33
Project value relating to the Rijeka Sports Association: EUR 98,142.50
Participation of the City of Rijeka: EUR 14,721.37

Financed under:

IPA Operational Programme Slovenia – Croatia 2007. – 2013.

Official website:

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