Project Title:

Building Framework for Institutional Volunteering

Building Framework for Institutional Volunteering

Project goal:

Adopting a systematic approach toward planning and implementing volunteering policies /actions in the institutions offering social services, in accordance with the lifelong learning concept and the best practice examples in the Member States.

Duration: June 2007 – June 2009

Key activities:

  • Creating educational modules and LLL individual programmes in the segment of volunteer management and the development of voluntarism in the local community, this will include education workshops, professional forums, a number of education events for a wider community.
  • Creating effective individual volunteer programmes for institutions in the field of health and social welfare.
  • Establishing professional promotional teams that will offer support and professional knowledge and information to interested institutions, i.e. organisations that include volunteers in their activities
  • Drawing up manual “Managing Volunteers in Health and Social Welfare Institutions” within which good practice examples will be presented from Croatia and the Members States.


  • Association for Civil Society Development  SMART
  • City of Rijeka – Department of Health and Social Welfare and
  • Primorje – Gorski Kotar County – Department of Health Protection and Social Welfare


Total project value EUR107,659.39

Financed under:

The national programme CARDS 2004 – Social services delivery by the non-profit sector, Delegation of the European Commission to Croatia

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