Project Title: Smuggling Anthologies

Project goal:

Project on the methods, periods of time and survival of smuggling as illegal economy at the point where Mediterranean and Alpine cultures, i.e. Slavic and Italian cultures meet, conceived through modern arts, history, ethnography and cultural heritage.

Duration: February 2013. – January 2015.

Key activities:

Smuggling AnthologiesThe project has been devised as a combination of symposia and exhibitions that will happen successively in three locations (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Rijeka, Mestni muzej Idrija, Trieste Contemporanea). The topic of smuggling in Istria, along the Slovene Littoral and in the Gulf of Trieste has been set within newly created administrative and political maps and differences in and outside the EU, and it partly relates to the fact that in this part until recently smuggling activities occurred between the coastal region and the continent, between East and West, Yugoslavia and Italy, socialism and capitalism.


Total project budget: EUR 214.423,00
EU funding: EUR 107.211,00
Project value relating to the MMCA: EUR 112.675,00
Participation of the City of Rijeka: HRK 133.200,00

Funded under:

Culture Programme

Official website:

More about the project:

  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka
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