Project description:

The project will shift the focus from bathing potential to natural heritage and thus contribute to geographically uniform and more balanced seasonal development. Through interpretation points at natural heritage destinations in Rijeka and throughout the County, valuable elements of natural heritage will be presented, promoted and interpreted: climate, relief, geological background, flora, vegetation, habitats and fauna. The project will also include educational programmes for tourist guides and promotional activities.


Natural Heritage Interpretation Centre


Increasing regional and seasonal more uniform and sustainable tourism based on the natural heritage of the entire Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, with quality management of visitors and their education, creating new educational programmes for different target groups and use of modern technologies and approaches.

Increasing tourist attraction, along with preserving natural heritage and education of inhabitants is one of the goals of nature protection in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, which needs to be implemented in an organised manner and with knowledge about the values of each territory.

Project activities

  1. Organising the Interpretation Centre on Campus (park with 11 interpretation points, a greenhouse for the production of seeds / souvenirs and seed storage)
  2. Setting up interpretation points at natural heritage destinations: strict reservation sites “Bijela stijena” and “Samarska stijena” in Gorski kotar, significant landscape of Lopar on the island of Rab and the Natura 2000 sites, the area of Zebar, Lič Polje, Obruč, the Platak, the Kupa Valley, Osor, the surrounding territory of Baška, as well as parks in Rijeka.
  3. Development of Management Action Plans for 11 protected areas
  4. Preparation of the underground part of the cave “Zametska pećina”
  5. Educational programmes for tourist guides
  6. Promotional activities

Project promotor:

  • City of Rijeka

Project partners:

  • Primorje Gorski Kotar County
  • “Priroda” public institution
  • Tourist Board

Programme financed under: Structural Funds – European Regional Development Fund – Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion”

Project duration: 1 February 2017 – 1 January 2021


  • Total project value: HRK 16,174,168.41
  • Funded under the programme: HRK 11,288,395.30
  • Budget of the City of Rijeka: HRK 2,793,584.69
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