Transparency is a term that in public administration activities means maximum possible availability of information to the public and its openness in communication with the public.

The City of Rijeka is the most transparent Croatian city owing its adherence to legal provisions in the context of publishing information, as well as recommendations given by various bodies and organisations to public administrations in order to increase their transparency of activities. In addition, the City of Rijeka itself is developing the segment of transparency in administrative activity, namely by publishing information and communication with citizens, by developing its own applications through which it publishes information and many channels through which communication with citizens takes place.

Here below we specify all that the City of Rijeka is doing as regards the development of transparency in administrative activity thanks to which Rijeka was and has remained the most transparent city in Croatia.

“Open Budget” application

Open budget is an application by which the City of Rijeka in a simple and easily searchable way gives the general public an insight into budgetary payments in real time, not only payments from the city budget, but also of all institutions and other budget beneficiaries gathered in the Treasury system.

The treasury is a complex system of budgetary and financial management of public money that in terms of organisation and information unites the preparation and execution of the budget, accounting and funds management and liabilities of the budget and of budget beneficiaries. Payment transactions of treasury users take place through a unique treasury account. All revenues of the budget and budget beneficiaries are paid into a single treasury account, and all disbursements are made from this account.

Open Budget application, in addition to all payments from the budget, also offers all contracts and purchase orders that represent the payment basis. Since 1 January 2021, it has been enabled to follow the payments of all treasury users. For each payment, it is possible to see which entity is the payer, which is the recipient, when the payment was made, what is its basis, how much was paid, what activities are related to that payment and what is its purpose according to the budget plan.

“City Eye” application

This application serves for simpler and faster two-way communication of citizens with the city administration as regards damages on utility infrastructure in the city.

The application receives the widest range of utility problems such as graffiti and vandalism, damaged asphalt, traffic signs, devices on children’s playgrounds, problems with public lighting, wrecked vehicles in public areas, improperly disposed waste and so on.

City Eye is available as a free mobile app (download for Android and iPhone) and can also be used via the website.

What does public administration transparency research cover?

For three consecutive years the City of Rijeka has been proclaimed the most transparent Croatian city according to the systematic research carried out in all the Croatian cities, municipalities and counties by GONG association and the Association of cities within the LOTUS project (Local Open and Transparent Administration and Self-Government).

Rijeka has been repeatedly awarded for the transparency of budget documents by the Institute of Public Finance. In these surveys, the publication of basic budget documents was analysed at the level of all cities and municipalities. In addition, Rijeka was praised in these studies for the developed models of Participatory Budgeting as an upgrade of basic budget transparency.

The Commissioner for Information, as an independent body responsible for the implementation of the Law on the Right of Access to Information, especially pointed out and praised Rijeka during its analysis of the application of the Law, which is also carried out in all local and regional self-government units. On that occasion, the Commissioner pointed out Rijeka as an example to other cities in the field of publishing information.

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