Project goal: It aims at improving the best practices of the EU municipalities in the IT based administrative work and services to citizens and transferring the results to SEE municipalities in the Balkan region, integrating it to the EU municipal network.


Electronic Municipal Information Services – Best Practice Transfer and Improvement Project (E-MuniS)

Duration: November 2001 – October 2003


  • Institut Fraunhofer, Germany
  • CERT/ITI, Greece
  • PEUGI, Bulgaria
  • Virtech, Bulgaria
  • GISIG, Italy
  • Arsnova, Spain
  • Grad Bonn, Germany
  • Grad Valladolid, Spain
  • Zuendel&Partner, Germany
  • Elisa Consult, Bulgaria
  • Grad Sofija, Bulgaria
  • Grad Skopje, Macedonia
  • Grad Rijeka

Budget: project value EUR 1,400,000

Budget of the City of Rijeka: EUR 85,000

Financed under: IST FW5 programme

More: Projekt E-MuniS

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