Incentives for citizens, energy saving possibilities, compressed natural gas fuelling station and other energy efficiency projects.

In accordance with the EU Strategy 20x20x20, the City of Rijeka has prepared the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the City of Rijeka (SEAP) whereby defining energy efficiency as one of its primary tasks.

The Action plan was adopted in 2010. The review of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the City of Rijeka was adopted in 2016.

Rijeka was the first Croatian city to become a member of the European association ”Energie Cites”.

The good practice examples of the EU in the territory of the City of Rijeka

Utility company “Čistoća” acquires utility vehicles powered by electricity and compressed natural gas.

Utility company “Autotrolej” acquires vehicles powered by compressed natural gas.

Utility company Energo – has built a compressed natural gas fuelling station, heating plants are modernised and they switch to natural gas, and  cogeneration plants are built.

Public lightning reconstruction is implemented.

Green energy in my home – subsidies to households for mounting solar panels and biomass heating equipment.

Condominium buildings – facade renewal to increase energy efficiency.

Elementary schools and kindergartens –  facade renewal, renewal of windows and roofs to increase energy efficiency and mounting solar panels for the production of warm water.

Systematic energy management – stores and analyses data on energy consumption in the building owned by the City of Rijeka.

Building in the remote reading system through the iURBAN project (co-operation between the City of Rijeka and utility company Energo)

Rijeka energy week – has been organised every year since 2010 as an integral part of the Sustainable Energy Week.


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