STARTUP Incubator Rijeka is a new entrepreneurial infrastructure of the City of Rijeke, where, unlike in the case of other, already known incubators, programme beneficiaries do not have to be economic operators.

The STARTUP incubator Rijeka was opened by the City of Rijeka in February 2013. This Startup incubator is primarily dedicated to young people, aiming to offer them entrepreneurial infrastructure for the development of their own business ideas.

Free mentorship and advisory assistance has been put in place for young people within the Startup incubator. Over a six-month period, the incubator offers support free of charge in devising and setting up business models, whereby offering innovative problem solving methods, better and more favourable than those offered by competitors.

The goal of the Startup incubator is to create a stimulating environment for self-employment of young people by realising their own business ideas, improving work competencies for youth employability and influencing the development of business culture among young people.

The beneficiaries of the Rijeka Startup incubator are young people and their teams who have knowledge and ideas in the field of information technology, computer applications, industrial design and students of various scientific and other fields. Professional assistance, on the occasion of the realisation of one’s own idea, is provided by a mentor – professional representing an economic operator or the academic community.

In 2015, the City of Rijeka was awarded the recognition “The City of the Future” for its project STARTUP incubator for young people.

In cooperation with the Rijeka Development Agency Porin, participants have an opportunity to develop a shortened business plan, while assistance is provided to projects with an innovative product solution and commercial potentials in developing a prototype.

So far, the teams of Rijeka Startup incubator have developed ideas in the field of IT applications, industrial and fashion design, technical and technological fields, educational models of operation, production and sale of automotive parts, biotechnology, sports, culture, entertainment industry, social entrepreneurship and other activities.

The Startup incubator hosted overall, 114 teams, i.e. 311 beneficiaries, out of this number 15 companies currently operate in the market, 3 projects received investments for development, numerous projects developed within the Rijeka Startup incubator received important prizes and recognitions.

At present, the eight generation of young people is entering the Startup incubator.

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