Consultations with the interested public or E- consultations  are a tool of E-democracy which allows citizens to include themselves in the adoption of public decisions, documents and acts.

Consultations with the interested public or E-consultations are carried out in respect of those general acts, which adoption or amendments directly lead to the realisation of citizens’ needs or determine other issues in the interest of the general welfare of the citizens and legal entities in the territory of the city of Rijeka.

Any draft document that is subject to consultations with the interested public is supported by reasons for its adoption or amendments as well as the goals envisaged to be achieved by such consultations. A report is released concerning any consultation carried out which indicates which citizens’ proposals have been adopted and those that have been declined.

The Law on the Right to Access Information (“National Gazette” No. 25/13 and 88/15, revised text – in English) lays down the public’s right to access information held by public authorities. In order to inform the public in a timely, thorough and accurate manner about their work, the units of local self-government release on their websites a list of all the acts that they intend to adopt or amend over a span of one year. This is the so called Schedule of normative activities.

Furthermore, local government units publish a list of acts which adoption or amendments require consultations with the interested public. This is the so called Schedule of consultations with the interested public.

The City of Rijeka has been carrying out E-consultations since 2011, while at national level, this legal obligation requiring that consultations are carried out at public government bodies was introduced in 2013.

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