Every year more and more people decide to start their own business, and a good business idea is a starting point of any business venture.

It is a long journey from a business idea to realisation and therefore also a big challenge for all those who plan to become entrepreneurs. A good business idea is a combination of interests and skills of future employees, it does not require high initial investment nor employment of many employees during the first year of operation, it is directed towards the market in which demand exists and it has its recognisable competitive edge.

The next step consists in devising and developing a business plan and finally the opening of one’s own business. There are several  types of companies available for the entrepreneur that he/she may set up, and this decision is followed by the registration process.

In order to get help and information about company opening and starting up operation, interested parties my contact the Entrepreneurial Information Centre. If they want an estimate of their business idea and assistance in preparing their business plans, they can contact professionals of the  Regional Development Agency PORIN.

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