There are various possibilities for entering into business deals: if an entrepreneur has a business idea he/she may open his/her own company, buy an existing company, enter into specific agreements: franchise or licence agreements.

  • Opening one’s own company
  • Buying an existing company
  • A possibility of buying a well-established business is also available for entrepreneurs. The majority of entrepreneurs advertise sales in daily newspapers and various advertising catalogues. Before buying a company, it is advisable to take into consideration the company’s business operation, and in particular eventual debts (Financial agency, banks, buyers, competitors).
  • Franchise
    Franchise is a form of business cooperation where the franchisor (usually a company with a well-established operation), through a franchise agreement, cedes the right to the franchisee (usually a business starter or a company with limited investment funds and limited investment opportunities) to use the franchisor’s knowledge and work methodologies.
  • Licence
    Licence is an agreement owing to which a special right is given to the licence partner (production, use of a brand name, use of a technological process, distribution of a specific products), for a certain fee. Considering the fact that there are various licences, before taking a final decision, it is advisable to consult professionals. Aiming to encourage change and widen their knowledge about intellectual property owing to licence agreements, an association of licencing professional was set up in Zagreb, operating within the international association of licencing professionals Licensing Executives Society International.
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