The concessions registry is a unique electronic record of agreements and the central source of information on all types of concessions granted in the territory of the Republic of Croatia falling within the competence of the Ministry of Finance.

Procedures relating to concessions are laid down by the Concessions Act and the Ordinance on the Concessions Registry.

Data contained in the concessions registry is public. Access to data contained in the concessions registry is allowed to all legal entities and natural persons and citizens via the internet, on the website of the Financial Agency ( and the Ministry of Finance (

The City of Rijeka as the grantor shall draw up a unified annual concession plan in accordance with a medium-term (three-year) plan through the Finance Department, Budget Division.

The City of Rijeka as the grantor and person liable for the concessions registry shall submit data and any forms prescribed by the Ordinance on the establishment and maintenance of the concessions registry and it shall carry out activities relating to monitoring and aligning, by any bases, through its Finance Department, Analytical Bookkeeping Division.

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