The Croatian Employment Service  is an independent legal entity owned by the Republic of Croatia with the task of resolving issues tied to employment and unemployment within the widest meaning of these terms.

The Croatian Employment Service through its well-developed network, formed of 22 regional offices and 91 branches, operates across the whole country.

The target group is made of unemployed people, employed job seekers, employers and other persons who search information and advice on employment conditions and opportunities.

Key activity:

  • Creating a database on unemployed people
  • Creating a database on employers and free jobs
  • Employment mediation
  • Professional orientation
  • Active employment and education policy.

Key goals:

  • by offering professional mediation between job offer and demand, and programmes aimed at incentivising employment, contribute to higher employment levels, to a decrease in a number of unemployed persons, whereby also to the realisation of the National Employment Policy,
  • through professional orientation – advice and information – enhance people’s harmonious professional development, in particular, those who, after completing their education, entre the labour market, and those who, due to various circumstances, indispensably require such assistance,
  • with material and legal protection provide social security of temporarily unemployed persons etc.

Services offered to employers:

  • professional selection of unemployed persons, whereby enabling complete job freedom to persons having a suitable professional and personal profile,
  • possibility of team treatment which means complete examination of psycho-physical abilities, propensities and health condition if job conditions so require,
  • possibility of using training services, retraining and upskilling by unemployed persons etc.


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