“Croatian exporters” is a representative body of companies and organisations whose mission is promotion and representation of Croatian export interests. Membership in the association of Croatian exporters is public and open to all legal entities and natural persons having their registered office or residence in the Republic of Croatia that export or intend to export products, goods and services, i.e. that take part in export and provide assistance, and to all who promote Croatian export.

Key goals:

  • Promoting export of Croatian products, goods and services
  • Promoting all forms of Croatian export in all markets
  • Promoting quality business operation of Croatian exporters
  • Permanent analysis and care about Government proposals that have impact on Croatian export
  • Taking all necessary measures in order to respect opinion of Croatian exporters before passing decisions relating to export
  • Creation of a legal and public system that would enable its members to express their opinion without increasing indebtedness and with real growth of personal income
  • Modification of European business norms and standards
  • Raising the awareness of Croatian citizens concerning the necessity of export, its importance for the entire economy of Croatia, as well as, its contribution to the wellbeing of all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia.


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