“Eko Liburnia” is a non-governmental, non profit and beyond political parties organisation for the promotion of the sustainable development of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County and Croatian Liburnia through the development of economic activities, eco-tourism, ecological agriculture and environmental protection.

The purpose of the foundation of the association “Eko Liburnia” is conservation, protection and ecologically, economically and socially acceptable management of natural, cultural and historical heritage of Croatian Liburnia, which is a precondition for balanced and sustainable regional development.

  • Key goals:
    Realising conditions that will enable the preservation of tradition and customs, the protection of natural and cultural and historical values of Croatian Liburnia and the development of ecologically and socially acceptable economic activities that will provide to local inhabitants survival, life quality and the right to autochthony and specifics;
  • Interesting and solid gathering of legal entities and citizens included in the activity of eco-tourism, ecological agriculture and environmental protection, and in accordance with the Agenda 21 and other internationally accepted conventions relating to the mentioned fields.

Any legal entity and person capable of doing business from Croatia and abroad that carries out or promotes the activity of eco-tourism, ecological agriculture and environmental protection within the scope of operation of the association, can become a member of the association Eko Liburnia.


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