The Technology Transfer Centre provides technical opinions, carries out financial and economic analyses as well as market analyses. The TTC is a place where entrepreneurs can get information about all the programmes promoted by the Government of the RC and the Ministries, that can offer them advisory and consultancy services, namely system support services to SME development programmes.

The objective of the Technology Transfer Centre is to provide a link – a bridge between the University, science, knowledge and the economy, mostly for supporting needs of small and medium-sized companies, since larger companies are in a position to finance their research and development themselves.

  • Advisory and consultancy services, providing information on entrepreneurial projects and programmes
  • Drawing up entrepreneurial projects and surveys for loans, market research services and marketing for entrepreneurship
  • Organising seminars for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
  • Connecting entrepreneurs
  • Drawing up studies and programmes for the local surroundings
  • Taking part in entrepreneurship fairs
  • Coordination of entrepreneurial activities in the local surroundings
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