Lease and temporary use of business and other premises owned by the City.

The City of Rijeka enables to all interested entrepreneurs to take on lease business premises owned by the City of Rijeka, where they can perform various activities, like economic, medical and various social activities.

Every 4 to 5 weeks through an invitation to tender, free business premises that the City of Rijeka lets out on lease are advertised. Invitations to tender are announced in daily press, while on the City’s website the most important information is presented in a transparent manner about every free business premises, like, for instance, its size, initial price, caution money, allowed activities in the premises and working hours, bidding methods, entering into an agreement and the beginning of work.

The manner of managing business premises is aimed at a more functional use of business premises, taking into consideration all the needs expressed by interested parties for single business premises and taking into account that the same conditions are offered through an invitation to tender.

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