Encouraging effective cooperation between the private, public and scientific research sectors through clusters.

The Croatian competitiveness cluster is a non-profit organisation, identified and established on the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, within the sector having strategic interest to developing the Republic of Croatia that connects private, scientific research and public institutions.

Its intention is to gather all the best businessmen operating within a certain sector – small, medium-sized and large-sized entrepreneurs, regional and local self-government representatives and scientific research institutions in order to have in place synergy and mutual cooperation with the aim of strengthening the sector’s competitiveness at national level.

Stakeholders in the public, private and scientific research sectors represent the ‘Triple Helix’ concept which forms the basic establishment of the Croatian competitiveness cluster. The final effectiveness of the cluster is determined by the quality of established communication and cooperation within the formal cluster structure.
To date the City of Rijeka has joined the following clusters:

  • Croatian competitiveness cluster for the maritime industry
  • Croatian competitiveness cluster for the ICT industry
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