“More Flowers – less garbage” is a campaign that includes co-financing and implementation of individual projects relating to greening and arranging green areas in the city territory by arranging, buying and distributing seedlings to citizens of the city of Rijeka and garbage cleaning and removal and other inappropriate situations, in cooperation the local boards of the City of Rijeka.

In order to encourage citizens and users of business premises on Korzo and in downtown Rijeka, to decorate with flowers the facades of their residential and business premises, the City of Rijeka has organised for several years the sale of quality flower seedlings and herb plants to its citizens at favourable prices based on the principle “you buy 5, and you get 10 seedlings”. Namely, wishing to provide as many seedlings as possible and to include the largest number of citizens, every citizen may buy 5 seedlings at most, while for every bought seedling he/she will get another plant for free.

The campaign takes place in April in downtown Rijeka. This campaign has been traditionally organised by the Tourist Board of the city of Rijeka, in cooperation with the Department of Entrepreneurship, aiming to contribute at most to environmental protection and arrangement, to the beauty of our city and to a better and more enjoyable sojourn of tourists in it.

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