The Rijeka Pensioners' Association is a non-profit, non-party and humanitarian organisation.

The key activities of the Rijeka Pensioners’ Association include gathering of pensioners and third agers and taking care of the needy.

Every pensioner can become a member of the Association (subject to pension slip presentation or retirement decision). Other older people who represent the inactive workforce and have reached 65 years and who during their lifetime have not obtained the right to retirement can also become members of the Association.

The Rijeka Pensioners’ Association, in cooperation with the City of Rijeka, implements numerous programs dedicated to third agers. Owing to this cooperation, in 2014 the website “Penzići” was launched, dedicated to the third agers.

As far back as 2007, in cooperation between the Pensioners’ Association and the City of Rijeka, a flayer was created, dedicated to all Rijeka pensioners who still have not joined this association. The flyer briefly describes what a pensioner can get from the mentioned association, the manner in which and places where such benefits can be realised.


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