For a longer period of time unemployment has been a central social problem encountered across Croatia as well as by many European countries. In its endeavour to respond to this challenge, the City of Rijeka, within its competencies, implements various measures of active employment policy.

The Croatian Employment Service implements measures of active employment policy.

Apart from using the measures of the Croatian Employment Service, in order to open the door to unemployed people, the City of Rijeka also implements its own projects whereby trying to increase employment in the city.

Certain categories like defenders and disabled people realise special advantages guaranteed by law when applying for a new job.

The City of Rijeka responds to youth unemployment with a number of projects launched in order to develop entrepreneurial competencies among this population and provide adequate possibilities on the occasion of their first entrance into the world of employment.

Moreover, with its General Programme of Measures for the development of entrepreneurship in Rijeka, the City of Rijeka, within its competencies, endeavours to provide assistance to the entrepreneurial sector, thus indirectly influencing employment growth.

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