The service of organised transport of municipal waste from residential spaces and garages in the territory of the City of Rijeka is under the competence of the utility company “Čistoća”.

The waste transport price is fixed in accordance with the number of household members.

In addition to the number of household members, according to which the volume of single containers is determined for family houses or a share in joint containers, in the event of condominiums, the main criterion for determining the final service price is the monthly frequency of emptying containers.

The company charges only for the emptying of mixed municipal waste containers, namely biodegradable waste, while waste hauling from separate collection containers like for instance plastic, paper and glass is free of charge.

Municipal waste is collected in standardised containers. The company Čistoća will provide individual containers for use. Until then, the beneficiaries of this public service will dispose mixed and biodegradable waste in joint containers located on public areas.

The price list for the service of waste collection is available on the web site of the utility company Čistoća.

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